Jeruzalemkerk, Amsterdam, Holland

Ferdinand Jantzen
Date Built
Jan Maijenplein
Built as part of Amsterdam's "Plan West" development, this church was commissioned by the Dutch Reform Church.  Its design reflects the Amsterdam School movement which was influenced by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright.  Were it to be located in the UK, you might be tempted to attribute it to Giles Gilbert Scott.

The Rijksmonument website describes the building (awkwardly translated here) as consisting of, "... cubic staggered building volumes under an assembly of flat roofs."  It features, " ... Masonry facades in orange red and brown brick .... with a decorative use of Bavarian granite. ... Above the main entrance a text in metal letters 'JERUSALEM CHURCH' above three tall, narrow windows with triple brick sloping bottom sill, masonry between styles and short and squat bell tower with jumps in the masonry and belfry."  The Wikipedia page about the church adds that, " The symmetry is well reflected in this church. Right and left are identical. The Jerusalem Church is north-south, while most churches east-west oriented."

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