School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine - Keppel Street, London, UK

P. Morley Horder and Verner O. Rees
Date Built
Keppel Street
The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine moved to this Keppel Street site in 1926 when a generous gift of $2m from the Rockefeller Foundation provided the funds to purchase the site and commision the new School building.  Morley Horder and Verner Rees won the competition for the design.

The decoration on the outside of the building includes:

- A carved stone version of the school seal, by Allan Gairdner, which features a snake entwined around an image of Apollo and Artemis riding in a chariot. 

- In a band around the building Alan Howe carved the names of famous medical scientists.

- The second floor balconies have metal railings on which gilded "creatures" have been attached.  These are presumably the challenges to hygiene and the sources of tropical diseases.

The building even features art deco street names

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