Franklin Wilkins Building, Kings College - 150 Stamford Street, London, UK


Date Built
1912 - 1915
Stamford Street

The Franklin-Wilkins Building is part of the Waterloo Campus of King's College London.  It was built between 1912 and 1915 as a reinforced-concrete headquarters building for Her Majesty's Stationary Office.  It was originally known as Cornwall House.  However before HMSO could move in the building was requisitioned for use as a military hospital in 1915.  As the King George Military Hospital it accommodated, at its height, some 1800 patients on 63 wards.  Cornwall House had been built with underground tunnels connecting it to nearby Waterloo Station.  These tunnels were used by the hospital to transfer wounded soldiers arriving by train from the Front.

King's College acquired the building in the late 1980s and after refurbishment it opened as an educational site in 1999.