The Elm Wood School, Middleton, Greater Manchester, UK

Edgar Wood
Date Built
Elm Street, Middleton
Elm Wood School (formerly Elm Street School) was 92 years old when these photographs were taken but it continues to operate as an Infant School. Located on the east side of Middleton, on Elm Street close to the junction with Oldham Road. The school, which was designed to accommodate 580 children, is a single-storey structure.

On either side of the entrance court are playgrounds. The one on the south side was for infants and girls. The one on the north was for boys. In both cases the playgrounds were designed to be sheltered from the wind by lavatory blocks and walls.

A unique feature of the Elm Street school is the twin entrance ways which run like arms on either side of the garden courtyard. These cloister-like passageways run out to Elm Street (see below).

Here is a wonderful view of the corridor taken by Andy Marshall of and shown here with his permission.

Over the years the facing bricks of the building have deteriorated, as they did at the nearby Durnford Street School, and there has also been damage due to mining subsidence.

The school was renamed in honour of the architect.