Ekebergrestauranten, Oslo, Norway

Lars Backer
Date Built
Completed 1929
Kongsveien 15 - 0193 Oslo
In 1927 Lars Backer won the competition to design this restaurant that occupiues a comanding position overlooking Oslo Fjord and the city some distance below. 

Two years later the restaurant opened in what has been described on the www.dehistoriske.com website as, "...one of Europe╩╝s foremost buildings in the Functionalist style"

The restaurant's website explains that, "... The restaurant is built with flat roofs, large windows, a terrace and an arched entrance in a corner tower. The architect emphasized the maximum number of window seats. .... The building was once one of the city's most popular dancing restaurants, but in the 1980s the building decayed increasingly and was closed in 1997. The restaurant has since undergone an extensive restoration and reopened in March 2005. The interior of the new Ekebergrestauranten was designed by Thomas Ness."

Today the restaurant is a listed building.

It is regarded as the restaurant with the best views of Oslo.

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