The Delphi Filmpalast - Berlin, Germany

The Delphi Filmpalast sits on the corner of Kantstrasse and Fasanenstrasse not far from Zoo Station.  It originated in the 1920s as a dance club.  Today the Delphi Filmpalast's restored facade faces on to Fasanenstrasse and around the corner of the building the jazz club "Quasimodo" looks out onto Kantstrasse.

The Quasimodo website describes the club as, " ... one of the most renowned live clubs in Europe, comparable to the 'Jazz Café' in London or the 'New Morning' in Paris. This well-established music club and café is located in Berlin’s western quarter Charlottenburg ...  The Quasimodo shares this historic building with the 'Vagantenbuehne' and the Delphi movie theatre, which was one of Berlin’s most famous dance halls in the 30s and 40s. The two parts of the Quasimodo are the live club, which is suitably located in the basement of the building - appropriate for a real basement Jazz club - and the café on top with its big summer patio.  ....  A true gem of the Quasimodo Café is the big summer patio. Based on the historic design, it was remodelled in 1998, so the architectural connection between the ‘Theater des Westens’ and the ‘Delphi’ palace, as designed by the architect Bernhard Sehring, is visible again. Sehring had designed the area of today’s patio as a Mediterranean mansion garden, which was taken up again with stone elements as pillars, vases, reliefs and decorated walls."