Damrak 26 - 30, Amsterdam, Holland

Alexander Kropholler and Jan Staal.
Date Built
1904 - 1906
26 - 30 Damrak
These two buildings on the Damrak in Amsterdam, close to the Central Station, belonged originally to the de Utrecht Insurance Company.  The name appears on the gable of the building on the right.  That building, 26 - 27 Damrak, is described as the “warehouse store".  Next door, 28 - 30 Damrak, was the company office.  Both buildings are protected.

26 - 27 is described on the Rijksmonumenten website as follows (excuse the clumsy translation), “... The ground floor features large window openings between Labrador granite ...The roof covered by tiles in the shape of a gable roof. The facade is covered gray stone. The facade is shaped spout on both sides projecting stones. The floors are placed slightly behind the building line, behind a pair of columns. Between the columns are only windows. Above the windows of the top, third, floor is an orange tile picture made with it, in white, to read: UTRECHT. Above the tableau are three windows interspersed with natural styles. Above the middle window a round arch is placed. ... The roof and chimneys are lined with copper.”

28 - 30 Damrak was built on the site of three former residential buildings.  The ground floor is clad in polished granite and the upper floors are lined with Swedish green marble.  According to the Rijksmonumenten website, the marble was painted over at some point.  “The building has a hipped roof containing several large dormers built over several floors.”  On the corner with Buttermilk Lane there is a tower.

The facade on Damrak is decorated with a number of sculptures by Joseph Mendes da Costa,  images represent The Vigilance, The Vicissitude of the Time , Wisdom Taming Evil , Thrift and Protective Love.

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