55 Broadway, London, UK

Charles Holden
Date Built
1927 - 1929
55 Broadway
An impressively large building that is home to the London Underground Headquarters and St. James Underground Station.  The upper floors of this Portland stone clad  building have a cruciform configuration. 

A clock tower forms the centre of the cross. 

In 1931 the architect was awarded the RIBA "London Architecture Medal" for his design. 

As of 2014 London Underground were in the process of moving out of 55 Broadway to take up residence in their new home in Palestra in Southwalk.

- A Look Around the Outside -

- The Sculptures on the Building -

Below: West Wind by Samuel Rabinovitch

Below:  Jacob Epstein's "Day"

Below: North Wind by Eric Gill

Below: West Wind by Henry Moore

Below:  Eric Gill's "South Wind"

Below:  Jacob Epstein's "Night"

- A Look at the Inside -

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