Schools Past & Present

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Not all of these schools are within the physical boundary of Longsight, but they are all schools that have served the children of Longsight.  The secondary schools that stood on Devonshire Street in Ardwick also fall into this category, but they have their own website within "Our Manchester"
1. Former St. Stephen's 5. St Joseph's R. C. Primary 9. Stanley Grove Primary Academy
14. Longsight Sure Start
2. St Luke's C of E Primary 6. St. John's C of E Primary
10. Crowcroft Park Primary 15. St. Agnes CofE
3. Dean Trust Ardwick 7. St. Peter's R. C. High School 11.  Early Inspirations Nursery 16. Former St. Roberts R.C.
4. Plymouth Grove Primary School 8. Former Central Grammar 12. Slade Lane BigLife Nursery 17. St Joseph's Industrial School

13. Longsight Community Primary 18. Richmond Park Referral Unit