A Collection of Images

"At the end of our street was Jackson's Brickworks. Each morning the hooters would go off to let the workers know that it was nearly time to start work. Jackson's at 7:30. Just before 8:00, as I was getting ready to go to Crowcroft Park School, a convoy of crimson lorries laden with bricks would set off down the street, thundering past our house, rattling the windows. In the summer, there would be clouds of brick dust to accompany the noise, and soon after it had settled, there would be frantic activity as little old women in aprons appeared at regular intervals with buckets and cloths to wipe away the patina of dust from their steps and windowsills." - Graham Todd

Clay Pit  Les Cotton

daubing the wicket  Chelwood Brick

Brick kiln  Chelwood Brick

Brick Kiln  Chelwood Brick

Jackson's Transportation

Jackson's Brick Truck  Chelwood Brick

Jackson's Brick Truck  Chelwood Brick

Jackson's Brick Truck  Chelwood Brick

Stockport Pageant  Chelwood Brick


Thank you to Chelwood Brick, Graham Todd and Les Cotton for the information above, much of which came from a wonderful commemorative brochure produced by the Company.