The community of Smallbridge is located on the Halifax Road at the point where the Wardle Road heads north to Wardle. Standing at the junction is the Sandknocker pub (above) which, prior to 1973 was known as the Red Lion. In the early years of the 20th Century, Smallbridge was a noisy, industrial community with a reputation for rowdyness and a generous allocation of drinking places. The local trade, as the pub's name suggested, was producing sand by breaking-up local sandstone gathered on the surrounding moors. The process was known as kiddling and took place in a barn-like building located across the road from the Red Lion pub.

If you drive past the Sandknocker pub heading eastwards towards Littleborough, you pass an imposing church on your right. Located in a raised position on the south side of the Halifax Road, is St. John the Baptist Church.