The Fisherman's Hotel sits on the north shore of Hollingworth Lake at the junction of Lake Bank, Hollingworth Road and Rakewood Road. Rakewood Road is a narrow road which travellers are warned is a dead end. It runs along Hollingworth Bank, the dam which forms the eastern margin of the lake. It passes through Hollingworth Fold then turns left close to the small collection of cottages shown below.

This little community is called Antioch after the Methodist Chapel, of that name, which once stood here. At the point where the road turns south again stands Gilead Cottage circa 1820 (above) As you continue down the road you enter Rakewood once a thriving textile manufacturing village and today a sleepy collection of cottages located among the ruins of former mills and dominated by the 150 foot high Rakewood Viaduct, that carries the M62 across the Longden End Valley.

At one time Rakewood had a pub, a Methodist chapel and two mills. The mills, which produced woolen flannel. were owned by John Clegg and A. Holroyd and Company. The Holroyd mill contained 350 looms in 1911.


Views in Rakewood in April 2001