Michelle Holmes

Michelle Holmes was born in Rochdale on January 1, 1967. Before changing her name, she was Corinne Michelle Cunliffe. Michelle's interest in acting started while she was still in school. In fact, she once took part in a march organized by the Rochdale M.P. Cyril Smith to demand that drama be once again included in the national curriculum. She had a role in the 1986 film "Bob, Sue and Rita Too" but then moved on to television. She played Jenny in the Brookside spin-off program "Damon and Debbie" and then had a two year run in "The Practice"

Later, like Julie Goodyear and Jack Howarth before her, Michelle turned up on the set of Coronation Street. She became the latest in a long line of glamorous women who served behind the bar of the Rovers Return. The role as Tina Fowler also lasted two years. Since then there have been parts in a number of television dramas and series including:

"Firm Friends", "In Loving Memory", "Juliet Bravo", "Divided We Stand", "Mr. Wroe's Virgins", "Goodnight Sweetheart", "Common as Muck" and "Emmerdale".