Barclay House - Whitworth Street West

The only reference Pevsner makes to Barclay House is to say that down the street from the Ritz dance hall there is, " ...  another white-faience-clad block .. a warehouse of 1914, by Harry S. Fairhurst.."  The building backs on to the Rochdale Canal.  The sides and back of the building are typically made up of wide bands of windows capturing as much light as was available in Manchester in those days.

The front of the building displays quite a bit of decoration.

The decoration includes the initials of the original owners, R. Barclay & Co.

Below is my version of a map of the site from 1928 showing Barclays warehouse beside an Hydraulic Power Station, which has long since been demolished and replaced.

The aerial photograph below shows the site in 1946.  Barclay House is indicated by the red arrow.

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