Trinity Court

Edwartd Salomans was responsible for a building called Prince's Chambers on John Dalton Street. The building, that was finished in 1865, housed Lamb's furniture store. According to the architectural practice Stephenson Bell: "By the late 1980s it had become a tired, much altered and relatively unsafe structure. It was listed Grade 2 - mainly for the part it played in the street scene - but there was little of interest internally." In 1991 the Stephenson Bell redeveloped building was opened with the name Trinity Court.

The new building retained the facade on John Dalton Street. Using the original stone pilasters the architects created a colonnade. Behind the facade two office blocks were created separated by a 30 metre high atrium. John J Parkinson-Bailey, in "Manchester- An Architectural History", describes the new part of the building as: "Possibly one of the best interiors in Manchester"