Giant's Basin

The Giant's Basin is a 7 metre wide - 7 metre deep stone weir that carries the overflow from the Bridgewater Canal into the River Medlock.  It was designed by James Brindley, the engineer who built the Bridgewater Canal.  It apparently replaced a huge clover-leaf weir that became problematic when it was subject to flooding.

The River Medlock meanders across the fringes of the city centre and meets the Bridgewater Canal head-on in Knott Mill near Deansgate.  At the junction there is a tippler weir which sends the excess water down into a tunnel. 

The tunnel carries the Medock under the Castlefield Canal Basin, then returns it to the surface just beyond Potato Wharf.  In the image below you see the Medlock exiting the tunnel on the left and the Bridgewater Canal overflow, from the Giant's Basin, flowing out on the right.

From here the Medlock heads off towards its confluence with the Irwell.

The Giant's Basin, a wonderful relic of the age of canals, sits surrounded by new developments with the Castlefield Youth Hostel, the Vision's Centre and the Potato Wharf apartments as its new neighbours.

The site was quite different when it was first constructed.  Below you can see the location on a map dated 1845.

In the aerial photograph below taken in 1953, you see the site before its redevelopment.