"Theology Directing the Labours of Science and Art"

The web site of the Public Monument and Sculpture Association's National Recording Project describes this sculpture as:  "Three figures; theology is represented by a standing female figure holding in her left hand a volume of Holy Writ, and with her right hand she directs Science, who is depicted as an old man studying a globe. Art is shown as a youthful metal worker who is making a chalice, and is depicted in the act of listening to Theology."

The sculpture stands in the entrance hallway of Rylands Library.  The original plan for that area of the building by its architect, Sir Basil Champneys, was to include three niches to accommodate sculptures.  Enriqueta Rylands approached John Cassidy, who was responsible for the statue of her husband, to prepare a design to occupy this important position.  Cassidy received the commission and agreed to, "complete a group of three figures in red shawk stone for £300, adapting all sketches and models to Mrs Ryland's 'entire approval'."  "Theology Directing the Labours of Science and Art" was installed in February 1898.  The finishing touches were completed in July of that year.

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