Post Office Peace Memorial

This memorial, to the men of Manchester's Post Office who died in World War One, sits at the entrance to the Royal Mail Sorting Depot on Oldham Road.  Created by the Manchester sculptor John Ashton Floyd, it was originally erected in 1929 in the main hall of the Spring Gardens post office.   As the plaque below the monument says, when the Spring Gardens office closed, in the 1960s, it was moved to the new sorting facility on St. Andrew's Street, behind Piccadilly Station.  Then in 1995 it made its second move to the present site.  The statue depicts a group of three figures.  Winged Victory is at the centre, holding a flaming torch.  She is flanked by a young boy and girl and at their feet are the symbols of war including a helmet and a sword.

John Ashton Floyd apparently worked alongside the sculptor John Cassidy who created the statue entitled "Adrift", now located in St. Peter's Square.  It seems that the Post Office Peace Memorial was actually created in Cassidy's studio on Plymouth Grove.  Floyd was also commissioned by Edwin Lutyens to carry out some of the carvings inside his Midlands Bank Building on King Street.  I have seen it suggested that Floyd used children playing in the streets around his studio as models for the sculpture.

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