The Struggle for Freedom

The "Struggle for Freedom" sculpture sat outside the Town Hall Extension in St. Peter's Square for 22 years until, in 2009, it was removed and replaced by the John Cassidy sculpture entitled "Adrift".  Ironically, "Adrift" had been in storage itself for a significant period of time having been moved around and finally out of Piccadilly Gardens.

"Struggle for Freedom" was created by Philip Jackson in response to a competition for a second peace sculpture to be erected close to the Peace Garden at the Mosley Street end of St. Peter's Square.  Originally, it was to be placed across from Barbara Pearson's "Messenger of Peace" but in the meantime a children's playground was built on that site.   Jackson's model was selected from 46 entries. 

The statue depicts six over-life size male and female figures that are linked together standing on a low granite pedestal.  The central figure is stepping forward and raising an arm as if to demand an end to conflict. 

Apparently the sculpture was never popular with the public which was suggested as a reason for removing it and replacing it with "Adrift".

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