Worsley Mill - Egerton Street

The Worsley Mill sits on the corner of Egerton and Worsley Streets beside the Bridgewater Canal. 

Today it has been converted into apartments and a modern extension has been added to the restored mill. 

A website  advertising the accommodation says the Worsley Mill is,  "large, well-preserved and very distinctive. The roof comprises a number of gabled ridges of different sizes and features a prominent campanile style chimney and sprinkler tower.

A canal basin enters a large shipping hole on the north side. Loading/unloading facilities for canal boats are still intact.

Internally the building has timber floors supported by steel beams and cast-iron columns.

It appears that the mill was built in 1894 to a design by the northern architect William Waddington.  In 1896 it was called the Canal Flour Mill and was operated by William Sutcliffe & Sons.  In the 1920s the Joseph Rank Company bought a number of flour mills around the country, including the William Sutcliffe mill in Manchester in 1923.  However, the mill must have continued to operate under the Sutcliffe name because the Kelly Directory for Manchester & Salford lists them on the Egerton - Worsley Street corner in 1927.

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