The Liverpool Warehousing Co Ltd

On Trafford Park Road there are two huge warehouses built in 1925 and 1932 for the Liverpool Warehousing Company.  The company operated from 70 Pall Mall in Liverpool and for many years they were the largest firm of warehouse keepers in the UK with cotton as their predominant commodity.  Here, in January 2010, the warehouses are disused.

Above: the backs of the warehouses on the side of the Bridgewater Canal.

It is the end of the warehouse though that gets the most attention because it is home to a huge mural by the Littleborough artist Walter Kershaw.  Kershaw's first mural on this building was completed in 1982 and unveiled by Dennis Law.  It was replaced by an updated version in 1993.

In April of 2009 a fire broke out in the 1932 warehouse.  "Thirty firefighters wearing breathing apparatus battled a blaze in the basement of a Trafford Park warehouse.  The firefighters had to contend with intense heat as they brought the blaze under control at the disused seven storey Liverpool Warehousing Company building, on Trafford Wharf Road.  It is believed that the fire - which damaged a large quantity of paper, clothing and cloth last Friday night - was started deliberately."

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