Metrolink Depot, Warwick Road, Old Trafford

In 2013 Metrolink moved its home to a new location in Old Trafford to a triangular site adjacent to Warwick Road Station and Old Trafford Cricket Ground.  An article on the Metrolink website on 10/05/2013 said that, "A major project to relocate Metrolink’s nerve centre to a brand new, 21st century facility has been completed seamlessly. Metrolink has successfully completed the transfer of its main operational functions to its new Trafford facility on Warwick Road South.Previously based at Metrolink’s Queens Road depot in Cheetham Hill, the control room – known as the Network Management Centre – is now located at the Trafford facility with the Customer Services team. The move is an integral part of the ongoing expansion of the Metrolink network and will provide a stable foundation for the next raft of extensions to the network, due to be completed over the next few years. It provides operational benefits that are key to the management of the network – including greater visibility of the system, both in terms of where trams are and CCTV at stops. It also provides direct benefits for passengers, thanks to the integration of a customer services representative within the control room and new ‘back office’ facilities."

The area is shown in the aerial photograph below, taken in 1946, shaded in red.

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