Gartside Gardens

Gartside Gardens is a small urban park seen above from Kincardine Road.  Today the park is bound on three sides by houses on the Brunswick Estate.

The park has a history that goes back to 1821 when it was created as the Rusholme Road Cemetery.

As you can see from the map above, dated 1844, the cemetery had an avenue of trees along its western margin and vaults on the south-east and south-west.  It also had a chapel which faced onto Rusholme Road.  Below is the cemetery again in 1935.

The map above is shown with the permission of Eric Rowland of Artus Genealogy Resources

The cemetery opened in 1821 and was known as the Dissenters Burial Ground since it was used by various non-conformist groups.  By the time the map above was published the cemetery had actually closed.  Records indicate that the last burial was held there in 1933.

The aerial photograoh below dates from 1953, some 20 years after the cemetery closed.  You can still see evidence of the parallel rows of trees shown in the 19th century map.  The walls of the chapel are still there but it appears to have no roof.

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