3 Towers

The skyline of Manchester is punctuated by residential towers built in the 1960s.  These towers were built in a hurry to rehouse large numbers of families made homeless by the widespread slum clearances of the period.  Some of the towers were so poorly constructed that they have long since been demolished.  Others stand vacant since the last of the residents moved to more suitable accommodation.

In Collyhurst, on the eastern fringe of the city centre, another solution has been found.  Working in concert with the architectural practice of "Urban North", the property developers, Urban Splash, have completely refurbished three towers creating 187 modern apartments.

The towers are named after members of the famous Manchester family of suffragettes, the Pankhursts.  The tops of the flats are labeled Sylvia, Christabel and Emmeline.

Urban Splash continue to apply this strategy to other empty tower blocks and the one shown below appears to be the next one on their agenda.  It sits on the corner of Oldham Road and Butler Street.

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