The Waterloo and Clarence Hotels

The Waterloo Building used to stand beside the Queens Hotel on the west side of Piccadilly.  It was home to two hotels - the Clarence and the Waterloo, seen below.

The old photograph below, shown here with the permission of the Together Trust, shows the roof playground on a childrens' refuge located across Chatham Street from the Waterloo Hotel.  You can see the Waterloo's name at the top of the building opposite.

If you click on the links below you can see the Waterloo Buildings in 1960.

Waterloo Buildings 1960 Waterloo Buildings 1960 Waterloo Buildings 1960

Below you can see the site in 1953.  The arrow points at the Waterloo Building and the red dot indicates the Grand. 

Today the Grand NCP Car Park occupies the site once home to the two hotels.

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