St. Mary's Hospital - Oxford Street & Whitworth Street

St. Mary's Hospital on Hathersage Road is one of Manchester's newest hospitals but its history goes back to the late 18th century and it has occupied a number of sites in Salford and Manchester.  It began in 1790 as a charity established by Dr Charles White, in a house in Old Bridge Street, Salford.  It later moved to the Bath Inn, in Salford, and had the unwieldy name of, “Manchester Lying-in Hospital and Charity for the delivery of poor women at their own habitations.”  It moved again to Quay Street and then to this site on the corner of Oxford Street and Whitworth Street, although when it was built in 1901 that portion of Whitworth Street was called Gloucester Street.

As you can see from the drawing above, this building was to be called the St. Mary's Hospital for Women and Children.  The wonderlust of St. Mary's Hospital meant that this was only a temporary "stop-over" because by 1907 work began on the erection of the red brick & terracotta hospital building on the corner of Oxford Road and Hathersage Road.  As you can see in the aerial photograph below, shown with the permission of English Heritage, the building on the corner of Oxford Street and Whitworth Street was still there in the 1940s.

Today the site is occupied by an apartment block.