St. James' Church - George Street

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St James' Church circa 1850 St James' Church 1914

St. James' C of E Church once stood on the corner of George Street and Charlotte Street not far from the Portico Library.

The church was consecrated in 1788 but, as with other city centre churches, falling congregations resulted in St. James becoming redundant and it closed in 1928.

The aerial image below dates from May of 1953.  The arrow points to the former location of the church.  As you can see much of the site is vacant.  Whether the church was demolished before the war or as the result of the Manchester Blitz isn't clear.

Today the corner of George Street and Charlotte Street is occupied by a large modern office block called St. James's House.  It was designed by the architectural practice of Grunton & Grunton and built in 1964.