The Queen's Hotel

The Queen's Hotel stood on the corner of Portland Street and Piccadilly, a site occupied today by Number 1 Portland Street, a glass and steel mixed-use building.  In 1968 I went to the Queen's Hotel for my first job interview and a few months later I met there with friends for a drink before I left to take up my first job in Western Canada.

Below is an image of the site of the former hotel captured in 2011.

The Queen's Hotel was built in 1845 as the home of William Houldsworth, a textile merchant.  John J. Parkinson-Bailey in "Manchester - An Architectural History" explains that, "The house was left to his nephew, Thomas Houldsworth, racehorse owner and owner of Houldsworth's factory on Little Lever Street, who transformed it into a hotel.  The hotel was later extended to include two more large brick-built houses."

Above is an excerpt from the Adshead Maps of 1851 and shown here with the permission of Chetham's Library.  It shows the hotel before it expanded into the adjoining houses along Portland Street.

The images below, from the Newbold Collection, are shown here with the permission of Chetham's Library.  They show the hotel in the process of demolition.

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