Grain Elevator Number 2 - Salford

Map provided by The Probert Encyclopaedia

At the end of Dock 9 in the Manchester/Salford Docks a huge grain elevator stood like a 168 foot high wall across the end of the dock.

This was Grain Elevator Number 2, built in 1915 by Henry Simon Limited, which was capable of storing 40, 000 tons of grain.  As you can see the elevator was served on the land side by an extensive railway system.  On the water side barges were laod for trans-shipment up the Bridgewater Canal.  The aerial images below, from the 1940s, (shown with the permission of English Heritage) show Elevator Number 2, indicated by an arrow.

Elevator Number 2 was demolished in 1983 and that dramatic process has been captured beautifully by
Chris Allen in his photograph shown below.


Today Dock 9 has been subdivided into two "basins" and the Erie Basin forms the upper end of the dock. 

Sitting along the end of the Erie Basin, where the elevator stood, is the Anchorage building.

The Anchorage was the first large office block built at the Salford Quays as a collaboration between Salford Council and AMEC.  It was designed by the Percy Thomas Partnership and completed in 1991.  Among the original occupants were BUPA, NatWest, Barclay's, Halliwell Landau and the Inland Revenue.