Eagle Star Building - Mosley Street

The Eagle Star Building (indicated by the arrow above) occupied a block on Mosley Street, between Spring Gardens and Booth Street, for a very brief time.  It was designed by the architectural practice of Cruickshank and Seward for the Royal London Assurance company and erected in 1973. 

The images above are shown here with the permission of Dr. Neil Clifton

Thirty two years later it was demolished to be replaced by the Cobbetts' Building.  

People were rarely indifferent about the Eagle Star Building.  Opinions tended to be extreme, at opposite ends of the scale.  The Manchester Modernist Society website says this about it, "....this large glass and concrete block never stood much of a chance, replacing as it did the much loved 1841 Milne Building that had received the highest praise from Pevsner in his Buildings of England, declaring it ‘the most startling warehouse of Manchester.’ hardly a good introduction for any successor, even such an elegant one by the renowned Manchester firm Cruikshank and Seward."  They, in turn, quote from Phil Griffin's "archisnaps" who said this of the building, "Incorporating what must be one of the last built elements of Manchester’s proposed elevated city centre pedestrian deck, Eagle Star House contrasts with the scale and verticality of its built context. A level of deck sits above street shop frontage, above which are three storeys of horizontally expressed offices and a rooftop penthouse. End elevations express the section of the scheme with circulation space being articulated by a full height cleft running from deck level upwards. Clad in smooth Portland stone, its Modernist credentials are emphasised with a Corbusian stair meeting the street corner at the northern end of the building."

However, others weren't so kind.  Chris Mulcahy, of King Sturge, had a different view, "The worst blight on the street is undoubtedly Eagle Star House. Mosley Street has never been the busiest street in Manchester and Eagle Star House has been vacant for so long that if it alone was done it would change the whole complexion of the street."


I will leave you to decide if the Eagle Star Building's replacement, seen below and directly above,  is an improvement.

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