The Deansgate Hotel

As you can see from my drawing below, based on an 1888 map, the Deansgate (Temperance) Hotel was located on Deansgate across from the Victoria Buildings, in a block running between Blackfriar's Bridge and Victoria Bridge.

The hotel occupied this site until December 22, 1940, when at 6:38 p.m. air raid sirens began wailing across Manchester City Centre.  What follows is an extract from , "Manchester at War  - A Pictorial Account of 1939-45" published by Archive Publications.

"Within two minutes incendiaries were falling on and around Albert Square and a building on the corner of Princess Street and Clarence Street soon caught fire.  Incendiaries were also reported in the area around Bridgewater Street.  The main threat seemed to be developing in the vicinity of Deansgate, where the top of the Royal Exchange was ablaze.  Fire had taken hold of Victoria Buildings and a fractured gas main outside Hailwood's Creamery in St. Mary's Gate was alight.  To add to the already mounting problem for the emergency services was the fact that 200 men and 30 pumps were still in Liverpool where they had been sent the night before to reinforce that city's hard pressed fire-fighters.  By 8:00 pm the Exchange Hotel was well and truly on fire and shops in Market Street were threatened.  Part of Victoria Buildings collapsed into Deansgate, blocking the thoroughfare from Blackfriar's Street to Victoria Bridge."

The aerial photograph below, dated 1953, shown with the permission of English Heritage, shows the barebones of the burned-out Deansgate Hotel (number 3).

1.  Site of the former Victoria Buildings    2.  Grosvenor Hotel
3.  Deansgate Hotel                                  4.  River Irwell
5.  Victoria Bridge                                   6.  Blackfriar's Bridge
7.  Manchester Cathedral

The row of buildings along Deansgate, that included the Deansgate Hotel, was still there in the 1960s, as you can see in the image below. (shown here with the permission of Ben Brooksbank)  The central section was once the Deansgate Hotel.  If you compare the image with the drawing above you will note that the pediment at the top has been removed.

Today the site is occupied by the Renaissance Hotel.

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