Ancoats Goods Station

The map above is shown with the permission of Eric Rowland of Artus Genealogy Resources

The Ancoats Goods Station was located on a site bounded by Great Ancoats Street, Adair Street, St. Andrew's Square and Helmet Street.  The railway lines accessed the site by way of a viaduct that spanned Great Ancoats Street.  It served the Manchester - Derby and Central Midlands routes, down to and including the North London area.  The station handled general goods traffic and delivered fruit and vegetables to Smithfield Market.

St Andrew's church sat next to the station.  Before the station was constructed in the 1860s, St Andrew's had been the centre of a densly populated community of terraced housing.

Today the church has gone, although the boundary wall is still visible and a cross still stands in a corner of  the church yard.

The station is gone and a Parcel Force warehouse stands in its place.

A remnant of the viaduct that crossed Great Ancoats Street is still visible, see below.