Wesleyan Methodist Association Chapel

This rather forlorn white building stands on the corner of Beswick Street and Bradford Road in Ancoats.  It appears to be unoccupied and judging by the state of repair it seems that it has been like this for some time. 

Walking by and looking at the building it isn't immediately apparent what its function was but a little bit of detective work seems to have uncovered something of its history.

First of all you should click on the link below and it will take you to a photograph of the building while it was still in use.
That image helps you to understand the configuration of the building.  It is infact made up of a hall that fronts onto Beswick Street and runs back on an angle to the street.  This creates a roughly "triangular "area on the corner which is occupied by a lower structure with a corner doorway.

The 1845 map of the site indicates that a Wesleyan Methodist Association Chapel sat on this corner.

The map below, shown with the permission of Eric Rowland, is from 1936 and there is still a chapel marked on the corner.  I suspect that the abandoned building on the corner today is that chapel.

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