Union Baptist Chapel - Oxford Road

Built circa 1873 the Union Baptist Chapel on Oxford Road sat on a plot of land between St. Mary's Hospital and the Manchester Royal Infirmary. 

It was designed by the architects Medland and Henry Taylor and built at a cost of £20,000. 

This chapel was a new home for the congregation who had previously worshipped at a chapel just beyond Grafton Street.  As you can see, that chapel had an adjoining sunday school.  This map dates from 1844.  You will note that beyond Grafton Street is Oxford House and then Nelson Street.  Next to Nelson House on Nelson Street you can see two semi-detached houses.  In 1858 Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters moved into number 62 the one on the left on the map.

Eventually the chapel was purchased by St. Mary's Hospital and demolished.

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