St Jude's Church & School - Ancoats

St Jude's Church (A above) once sat across from the Ancoats Hospital on the corner of Old Mill Street and Kirby Street.  Not far away, on the corner of Cannel Street and Horne Street, was St. Jude's School (B above).  Apparently St. Jude's Church was first consecrated on the corner of Canal Street in 1840.  It occupied what used to be Trent Methodist Church.  It was later rebuilt on the corner of Old Mill Street and reconsecrated in 1866.  The church closed in 1959.  The school continued to serve the community until 2007.  If you click on the link below you can see the school in 1962.

The church can be seen in the image below dated 1953.

Above is an areal view from 1953 and below is my version of a map dated 1928.

Below is a view of the site once occupied by St. Jude's Church.  This image was taken in March of 2011.

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