Plymouth Grove Wesleyan Mehodist Church

Plymouth Grove Wesleyan Methodist Church was founded in 1879 on the corner of Hyde Grove and Plymouth Grove, in what was then Chorlton-upon-Medlock.  It was located just a block away from the home of the Gaskell Family.

The Central Library's image collection has a photograph of the church in 1965 but at some point after that it closed and was demolished.  Today there are some clues to the fact that it once occupied the site.  The first is the building below which you can also see in the image at the top of the page and may have been a church hall.  Today it seems to be more commercial than eclesiastical.

The second is a small cluster of stones in the ground at the corner of the street.  The arrow in the image below points to what appear to be fragments of the former church gateway.

In the intervening years the site has clearly been home to a place of worship called the "Renshaw House & Church".  When I took these photographs in 2010 it appeared as if the church may be closed.

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