Coverdale Baptist Church

The Coverdale Baptist Church is located on Coverdale Crescent in Ardwick on the site of the former Fort Ardwick housing complex that became home to many Longsight families after the slum clearance of the 1960s and 70s. 

Below are some images of the church taken around the time when it was built.

That controversial housing complex is long gone to be replaced by a low rise housing development separated from Hyde Road by a wide grassed area.

The baptist community who use this church call the building "The Well".  They say on their website that, "We meet at The Well  on Coverdale Crescent in Ardwick. The building is owned by the Church and is also a base for our work in Coverdale community."  They add that, "You can expect a warm welcome, great worship, and a friendly bunch of people gathering to learn more about God. We are very informal and often meet cafe style around tables. We are a small group of people of all ages and different cultural backgrounds. We love to see the Holy Spirit working freely and have seen people healed many times as we worship and pray for each other. You can also expect tea, coffee and biscuits!"

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