The Architects Who Shaped the Face of Manchester
This part of the web site is dedicated to the architects who designed the buildings that grace the streets of Manchester.  It provides an opportunity for you to see their body of work within the city.  It is unlikely that it will ever be a comprehensive collection but I have included the architects who were responsible for the oldest buildings, as well as those who designed the newest structures, some of which are still being built.  I have attempted to include those architects who created all of the prominent buildings but obviously I will have omitted some and, due to ignorance on my part, made some errors.  I will attempt to rectify any errors or omissions that are brought to my attention.  The first item on the menu on the left is a complete inventory of the architects included and the buildings that they created.

In describing the architectural practices I have referred to their own descriptions of their work or comments from experts in the field.  I haven't attempted to make any comment about the relative merits of their work or given any personal views about individual buildings.  I obviously have views but I will keep them to myself and allow you, the reader, to draw your own conclusions.

You will see that each entry includes photographs of the buildings and brief information about the architects and their creations.  This information is intentionally brief since, in most cases, more detailed descriptions can be found elsewhere in the web site through the Index and City Tours sections, in particular.