Travis & Magnall - Magnall & Littlewood

The Henry Travis and William Mangnall partnership of architects and surveyors was responsible for a number of buildings throughout Lancashire and Greater Manchester.  In Manchester they created the following buildings.

Watts Warehouse, Portland Street - 1855 - 1858

Now the Britannia Hotel


William Magnall's son, also William, was a member of the practice.  In 1863 he is credited with the design for Waldorf House, for the Freemasons.

Waldorf House, Freemason's Hall, Cooper Street - 1863


When William Magnall senior retired his son took over and when Travis also retired he was replaced by John Littlewood and later his brother William Littlewood leading to the creation of Magnall and Littlewood.  In Manchester the practice created the following buildings.

Upper Campsfield Market, Liverpool Road - 1877 - 1878


Lower Campsfield Market, Liverpool Road - 1877 - 1880 - now the Air & Space Museum