Levitt Bernstein Associates

Levitt Bernstein Associates described themselves as, "... an award-winning architectural practice with a progressive outlook towards design and the development process.  A deep concern for the environment, built or natural, is fundamental to our approach, and is revealed in a portfolio which includes new developments and the radical reinvention of existing buildings and neighbourhoods. We aim to realise projects which stand the test of time, and are clearly of their time; enrich the lives of those who use them; respect architectural history and precedent; and are procured by a well-managed, collaborative process."

The Exchange Theatre, Royal Exchange - 1974 & 1998

"A 7-sided theatre-in-the-round, suspended within Manchester's vast 3 domed Edwardian Cotton Exchange".  The original structure was restored and modified after the damage caused in 1996 by the IRA bomb.