Arkholme - 1 Towncroft Avenue - Middleton

The actual date for Arkholme's construction is unknown but John Archer suspects that it was built between 1906 and 1914. In the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society booklet on "Edgar Wood (1860 - 1935) A Manchester 'Art Nouveau' Architect" (vol 73-4 1963-4), that Archer authored, he says that Arkholme was built for the photographer, Charles Jackson, the brother of Wood's friend the artist, Fred. W. Jackson.
Archer adds, "The house is of moderate size and is notable for an exceptionally large window, framed in timber and load bearing. Much of the interior detail has now been changed."

These images were generously donated by Bob Pedley. Bob remembers when there were tennis courts on the land behind the house. He thinks that they may have belonged to Arkholme. Today this land is occupied by about twenty-two garages (see below).