Zoo Staff
Zoo Staff

1925 George Jennison
1933 - 1957 Gerald Iles
1962 - 1971 R. Legge
1971 - 1978 P. Grayson
1946 - 1977 Matt Kelly
1975 - 1977 John Christy
ZOO STAFF 1958 to 1963    
CURATORS:  William Wilson FZS. followed by Raymond Legge  
HEAD KEEPER:   Mat Kelly  
KEEPERS: Len Horner - apes and monkeys
  Sylvia Mainwaring - apes
  Pat Bullough - apes 
  Godfrey Newbold - elephants 
  Simon Pereria - elephants 
  Albert Craythorne - reptiles
  Lol Baker - big cats
  Clive Bennet - giraffes
  Gerald Taylor - giraffes 
  Arthur Boyer - giraffes
  Capt. Harry Smith - sea lions
  Mrs. E. Smith - sea lions
  David Marsh
  Albert Nuttal - birds 
  Mike Coupe - birds
  George Wilburn - paddocks
  Frank Crowther - paddocks
  Phil Harrison - paddocks
  Dave Dorricot - paddocks 
  Jack Clarkson - paddocks 
  Anne Capindale - childrens zoo 
  Wyn Taylor - bears
ZOO VET:   David Taylor  

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