The Figure 8 Toboggan
The Figure 8 Toboggan

Seventeen years before John Henry Iles built the Scenic Railway at Belle Vue, there was a figure-8 side-friction coaster at Belle Vue. Built in 1908 it was located between the maze and the Paddock close to where, years later, the Rocky Mountain Enclosure was created.

Figure-8 Toboggan

James Jennison had seen the Figure-8 Toboggan at The White City in Stretford (see above) and obviously recognized the popularity of the ride.

The company that owned White City actually advertised their rides for sale (see below) and it is possible that this is where the Jennisons bought theirs.

Ride Poster

Figure-8 Toboggan rides were quite common at amusement parks around the world. There was one at the famous Palisades Park in New Jersey. The Palisades Park Figure-8, shown below, was built in 1908 the same year that the Jennisons installed theirs. The Lakemont Park in Pensylvannia claims that they have the only operating Figure-8 left in existence. Their coaster is called the Leap the Dips coaster.

Figure 8 Toboggan ©Palisades Park

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