Other Belle Vue Aces
Other Belle Vue Aces

Joe Abbotts
C. H. Beckett
Harry Bentley
Len Blunt
Acorn Dobson
Bob Duckworth

Eddie Rigg
Dick Fisher
Billy Fletcher
Arthur Franklyn
Norman Hartley
Dick Hayman
R. A. Hickson
Ray Higson
Wally Hull
Alec Jackson
Ron Johnson
Bill Kitchen
Eric Langton
Louis Lawson
Bill Kitchen

Rode with the Aces team which included Langton, Varey, Abbott, Charles, Kitchen, Grosskreutz, Harrison, Gregory and Dixon. Kitchen is shown on the right of the picture opposite shaking hands with Jack Milne the American rider who won the World Championship in 1937. Milne went on to finance the construction of the Costa Mesa Speedway track in California.

Eric Langton (1930-1945)

Started his racing career at Leeds Stadium in 1928 before moving to Belle Vue. A member of the all conquering 30' s team, Langton was involved in the first ever World Championship Final at Wembley finishing second to Lionel Van Praag after a run off. He retired from racing in 1945 after a spell as team manager at Sheffield and moved to Australia were he currently resides

Wally Lloyd
Slant Payling
Bill Piltcher
Riskit Riley
Ian Ritchings
Smoke Robinson
J. O. Rowley
A. E. Simon
H. B. Tobin
A. F. Traylor
C. Wilcock
Peter Williams