The Octopus

The ride in the forefront of the photograph below is "The Bug" but if you look in the top left corner you will see three of the arms of the Octopus rising up above the booth of The Bug.

The National Fairground Archive web site at the University of Sheffield, says this about the Octopus Ride:  "The Octopus ride was built under licence from Eyerly by Lusse at Blackpool, where it is said that 12 machines were created for amusement parks around the end of the 1930s. ... The Lusse machines were built with long arms, and were quite a big operation and thrill ride at the time. More were made as the ride proved a popular hit, and the name Octopus stuck well, since the machine had 8 arms, and a sweeping plunging movement caused by an ingenious offset spindle and wire system."....."The Octopus was a popular ride in the UK up until the start of the 1980s, when thrill rides such as the Orbiter began pushing up the public's expectations."
Below is an image of a modern Octopus ride in the town of Haarlem.  The image was placed in the public domain and is available through Wikipedia Commons.


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