Stu Bamforth
TT Racing at Belle Vue

Stuart Bamforth

When Trust House Forte were disposing of the assets of Belle Vue, it was ex-Stockcar driver, Stuart Bamforth, who stepped in to save both the stadium and the Aces. Bamforth , who in 1976 won the F1 Stock Car World Championship, bought the team and the famous Hyde Road Stadium in 1982.

The Aces, under Bamforth's tenure, went on to win the British League title that season. After they lost 50-28 at Sheffield Bamford is credited with saying, ''I'd sooner have six monkeys riding for me if they pulled together and rode in the same direction.'' Following this match the Aces went on an 11-match winning streak. The following year they added the League Cup and Premiership titles.

Stu Bamforth's association with the Aces ended in 1987 when he sold the stadium to British Car Auctions. Stuart died in January of 2002, at the age of 55.