TT Racing at Belle Vue
TT Racing at Belle Vue

On Boxing Day 1927 the South Manchester Motor Club organized a "Minature" TT race within the grounds of Belle Vue. A course of about 1 mile was created mostly on asphalt and concrete promissing "sharp turns and bends but no abrupt hairpins or gradients. A report from the event said that the races were in full swing when a heavy squall of snow covered the ground and made racing out of the question. "There were people who doubted whether motor-cycle racing would be popular at Belle Vue, but a view of the crowd which gathered yesterday, despite the cold weather, would make them change their minds. The grandstand was full, and there was a line of people three or four deep all the way around the course which was a mile in length. The crowd was estimated at 20,000.

I.J. Needham being assisted from his machine after crashing.

P. Hunt winner of this year's Amateur T.T. comes to grief when negotiating a sharp bend.

Fearnley, riding a Francis-Barnett won the 175 cc race, Higson riding a Mongomery won the 250 cc race, Charlie Dodson won the 350 cc class on his Sunbeam. Half of the 500 cc race had been run when snow and ice made the course dangerous. Racing was abandoned that day but it was planned to resume at 1 p.m. the following day.

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