The Belle Vue Aces


Speedway came to the Belle Vue area in 1928. The first meeting being held on July 28th but not in the park itself. The meeting on that day took place in the greyhound racing stadiuum on Kirkmanshulme Lane. It wasn't long though before John Henry Iles, the man who ran the Belle Vue Company, recognized the potential of speedway as an attraction and he bought a controlling interest in the club and moved it into the park giving the club its own stadium. The first meet in the Belle Vue Stadium took place in March of the following year.

The first manager of the team was E. O. Spence and he stayed with the club until 1941. Johnnie Hoskins, who had been instrumental in bringing speedway into the country back in the 20s, became the Aces manager in 1952. It was Hoskins who introduced Stock Car Racing in 1954.


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