- The Ardwick Tech Photo Album -

The following image was generously contributed by Sandra Dewhurst

Miss Turnbull's Housecraft Group July 1963

Back Row L to R:  Jean Lewis, Doreen Pegg, Linda Maxfield, Ann Greatbanks, Pamela Edge, Janet Taylor, Diane Terry, Sandra Dewhurst
Front Row L to R:  Jean Farnworth, Sue Pilling, Helen Easthope, Pamela Martins, Ann Steadman, Brenda Mallon, Janet McCarthy

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by courtesy of
Angela (Holmes) Jackman

Valerie Fielden

Left to Right:
?, Leslie Lindsay, Valerie Fielden


The following images are shown
by courtesy of
Susan (Bradley) Roberts

"The girls' yard after the last fifth form assembly in July 1963."

Left to Right: Don (Fuzzy) Crombie, Anne Milnes, Noreen Runciman, Jeff (Angus) Millership, Helen Barnes, Alan Turner, Susan Bradley, Pete Parnell.

"Mr Donnen took the picture in 1963 in the Gym"

From left to right the girls are Noreen Runciman, Lynne Foster, Helen Barnes
and Susan Bradley. The teacher looking on is Mr. Carruthers.


The following images are shown
by courtesy of Janet Sheldon


5th years, July 1966

5th years, most leaving. Summer 1969

July 69
"Mr Donnan is amongst us, clasping his flask ! I am next to him
The four girls are Sheila Little, Janet Smith, Shirley Lomas and Janet Sheldon [me]"


 "Maureen Jones, Brian Barnes [one of my 'homies' from Openshaw ! Ian Wynn, a girl whose name escapes me, and me doing an impression of Napoleaon in white socks"

Me wearing a band-aid and an idiotic grin, with Mr Sayer in the physics lab 1966.

Mr Cornwall 1967

Summer 1966. - Larry Pilkington.[2nd yr] - Me.[2nd yr] - Susan Walters [5th yr] - Paul Taylor [3rd yr] - Colin McPartland [3rd yr] and a blonde boy I believe was called Sands or Colantrello[3rd yr]
Me and John Davies
Me between Ian Wynn and some other bloke
Me and Miss Whitehead

Phil Hudson and Pat Bunner 1966

 Chiappi's Chippy.. 1966
L - R
Janet Smith - Sheila Little - Susan Daly - Betty O'Hanlan
A much better 'bobsworth' than Mrs Giles school dinners !