Sports Teams

Clearly, another medal and cup winning girls' team, with some of the same faces from the tennis team above. It might be that this is, in fact, the same cup from above with a different grouping of players. It might be a netball team, although it seems to be short one player for that sport. Donald Woodhead says, in his history of Ardwick Central that, "The girls were able to reach a very high standard in netball in spite of playing on a sub-standard court, which, in fact, was the girls' playground." He also notes that Miss Lord had told him that in the 1920s the girls played hockey at Birch Park. Once again there aren't enough players for that sport either. Apparently the girls paid their own fares to get to Birch Park, provided their own equipment and changed in the bandstand.

generously donated by Suzanne Choppen & Hilary Fuller